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Steeped in Love

  Sitting again at my favorite table, I found myself surrounded by a comforting, rustic elegance. An assortment of teapots resembling a chorus line of dancers lined a wooden shelf as if it were a stage. Each one dressed  more beautifully than the one before, each one vying for the brewers attention. The smell of tea and spices combined with the perfume from the lady next to me and wafted through the air. It smelled familiar, as I took a deep breath and let out a sigh of contentment. An intimate tea room with around 10 tables might seem small to some, but the formal place settings with beautiful linens and delicate tea cups makes it seem spacious and grand. Jenni, the owner, has a way of marrying rustic charm with formal elegance, arousing a sense of pleasure, relaxation and delight all at once. You get the feeling that every day should be celebrated and no occasion is too small to be special. It was closing time now and only a few customers lingered over their meal. Chatter and laughte

I am Awesome

  His hands firmly planted on his hips, his head held high, and his eyes on the prize, Liam marched forward with all the confidence of a seasoned soldier. His mission? To conquer the backyard swing at Grandma and Grandpa's house. My youngest grandson has the whitest hair, the bluest eyes and the most personality you can cram into a three years old body. He has the  incredible ability to take on the world with the unfaltering courage of a super hero. A smile broke across his determined face as he mounted the seat of the plastic, yellow, swing. A few pumps of his legs later, and he was flying through the air and proclaiming to the world, " awesome...!"  I watched him with amusement from my comfy, purple chair for quite some time. His eyes sparkled in the sunlight as his fine, white, hair rose and fell with each back and forth motion of the swing. From time to time he would shout out again, "!" with the same certitude and enthusiasm as

Subtle Changes

  The days are beautiful and warm, but I am beginning to noticing the subtle signs, almost suggestions that the long, drawn out days of summer will soon dwindle into memories, and the quiet successor of more intimate, but, cooler afternoons is close upon us.  Grey and sometimes foggy mornings cover the thirsty earth before giving way to brilliant afternoons. The sun is waking up a little bit later each day, the geese are beginning to fly overhead, resoundinly announcing their arrival, while brown and golden hues begin creeping into the countryside. The artistry of maple trees are silently preparing for the unveiling of their dazzling display of orange and red hues in just a few weeks time.  Typically, I crave this nestling in time of making the house all cozy and warm for the autumn. I have to confess though, I have struggled lately, not caring as much as I used to. Wondering what's the purpose of making my bed or decorating  my home, if no body is going to see it? Social distancin