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Taking a Rest to Dream

Sometimes, I forget to stop. Not just slowdown, but actually stop. Taking time to pause and reflect, to take a  breath in and to just be.... with no agenda, no expectations, no promises. Some are good at clearing time each day for self care and pondering, but for some of us, it takes practice and doesnt come very naturally. I'm one of those people. After weeding, planting, and watering seedlings, I circled the lawn three more times before I finally made up my mind that I could afford to spare a few moments on such frivolity. I went inside, washed up, combed the wild curls off of my forehead and prepared for a date with myself. Carrying a round, metal tray by the handles, I balanced my favorite teapot and a pretty pink cup and saucer and made my way slowly down the stairs and into the front garden. Settling into my favorite purple chair and sipping lavishly on a pot of tea, I sighed a long- over-due sigh and closed my eyes.   I hesitantly tried to relax . Surely some di