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Sometimes You Just Have to Let it Rain

Today was one of those rainy sort of days. Not the kind where it sputters and spurts but in-between there are little breaks of pleasantness where you can go outside and breathe in the fragrance of the blossoms and drink in the Creator's beauty. Instead,  it was the kind of rainy day where you have to wait. How often I knelt on the couch to look out the big picture window I can not count. My knees gently pressed into the soft, grey cushions beneath them, while my elbows rested firmly against the smooth, white, window sill. My hands formed into little fists to prop my chin up, my own reflection clouding over as my warm breath met the glass. Not even the birds were out to play. The birdbath overflowing with rain-water, the feeder on its tall, cedar post, empty. The fading yellow daffodils with their heads bent low and nearly touching the ground,  looked sad and tired in contrast to the sunny afternoon of yesterday. Craning my neck toward the gravel driveway I could

A New Calm

The long-fingered shadows cut across the fields, adorning them with wide ribbons of darkness and light. As the sun slowly rose in the east, it inched its way over the mountains and rivers, and etched itself through the cities and farmlands, the way water color moves and spreads across paper when gently stroked with the brush. This morning is particularly peaceful, imparting beauty as the sky changes from the pink hues of dawn, quickly passing that misty morning grey and bursting forth directly into the blue. From the quiet, raw stillness, the undeveloped morrow gives way to birdsong, the occasional dog bark, and the distant wh-i-r-r-r-r of a shiny, green tractor discing its plot and breathing new life into a new season.  These past months of Corona Virus outbreaks have seemed so overwhelming to me, so consuming. Since the Septic Shock experience, my brain freezes when it comes to processing information, and its been hit hard. Weeks of quickly changing  suggestions and mandates. T