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DIY Laundry Powder

Something I have been focusing on lately is waste. Whether it's wasting money, throwing away spoiled food or the pile of plastic in my recycle bin, I'm trying to pay attention to how much I am wasting. My daughter asked me a while back, "What if we had to keep every piece of garbage we ever created?" That question had a big impact on me and I have been pondering it ever since. As I began to looked around, I noticed that my bright- yellow, plastic jugs of laundry soap took up a lot of space. What if I had to keep every one of these? Where I recycle, only food grade plastic containers can be recycled. Even if these bright- yellow ones went into the recycling bin, I'm not convinced all of our plastics are really being recycled and they have to go somewhere. That is a conversation for another day though. Living gently with my planet, I wanted to find another way. Switching to more natural products is one way to live more gently, but even they come in plastic container

Speaking Truth

My sister wrapped her arms around me as the tears began to flood  my eyes and spill down against my hot cheeks." I failed!" The words came out broken and caught dry in the back of my throat. I tried  to swallow that choking feeling. " I thought I could do it,"  Words finally began to escape between sobs. "I failed!" I repeated myself louder, wanting to define my sense of defeat, and disappointment, but no more words would come out. Instead, I buried my face into her long, brown hair and closed my eyes. She pulled me in and began to speak truth to me." You didn't fail , you tried ." Her gentle words soothed me into a puddle of emotion as I sat hard against the couch and pulled myself away to recompose. "You tried. " she said, looking into my eyes, then kissed the top of my head. "You tried." Last year, I experienced a life threatening illness that not only left me fighting for my life, but also learning how to