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Don't Get Robbed

A groan spread through my body as I woke up this morning and heard the sound of rain, I had other plans for this day. February is the month that seems to pass about as quickly as waiting for ice to melt in the freezer. The hope of sunny days and the return to the garden is where I fix my hope. It is my goal, the ribbon at the end of the finish line, my reward for enduring the long, dark winter months. I often wonder why we even celebrate the beginning of a new year on January 1st. In the dead of winter, nothing seems to be new or beginning but rather quiet and hibernating. Wouldn't March 1st be a lovely day to start a new year? With all of the new life and new blooms just getting underway, it feels perfect. While we are at it, let's change all of the seasons to begin on the first of their respective months instead of three weeks in. I understand it currently coincides with the equinox and solstice but I'm just not that patient. I rolled over and pulled the

Valentines Day

As I get dressed today and think about what I am going to wear, I am reminded of how I am to clothe myself. If compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience are to be my garments, then they need to be worn daily and not buried in the back of my closet. I think of compassion as the shirt I pick out, I wear it closest to my heart and it is the  most noticeable. I will think of kindness as my favorite blue Jeans, the pair that I look forward to putting on. They are soft, flexible and always feel like a best friend. Humility, I will wear around my neck; beautiful and simple but grounding and pulling the whole outfit together. Gentleness, I will wear all over, as a pleasant aroma, approaching others with a sweet, gentle, fragrance. Patience, my friend, is worn on my finger as a wedding ring. It is as multi-faceted and complex as a beautifully cut diamond. Patience is valuable, costly, and always takes commitment. Of all the garments to be worn, each equally as important as t

A New Year

As many of us do, when the old year draws to a close and the new year begins to draw near, I enter into a time of reflection. For me, it's most often a dreaded time of acknowledging my failures, pointing out my inclination toward procrastination and my lack of commitment toward exercising and eating well. It's meant to be a time to evaluate, organize, plan and ponder, but I tend to barge ahead trying to find a new way to unravel the tangled rope of expectations I put upon myself.  A few months ago, I was with a friend, riding to an out of town event in the late afternoon. It was one of those cool, crisp, late autumn days, when the season is winding slowly down, but not quite ready to succumb to the talons of winter. A few grey and white clouds dappled the western sky, then quietly spread into thin, horizontal ropes circling the setting sun like a finely braided lasso. In the places where the rays of sun peered through the clouds, they formed into concentrated beams, em